Day 730. September 13. Farewell. See you soon?

(instead of a picture, I designed this for the day)

Today marks the end of 730 continuous days of photographing....

It's been fun, exhausting, inspiring, uninspiring, motivating, un-motivating,
randomexciting getting to document my last 730 days in picture form.

Thanks to my friends & strangers who've been
keeping up with my random assortment of daily blogs...

The daily updates are no more, but
don't worry, Mom, I may no longer be taking a photo every single day,
but I'll still be photographing (frequently) here:

Seriously, thanks for viewing and supporting these last 2 years  
Please follow me to my new blog!!

Day 729. September 12. Thrifting with Nelly.

I've decided to start calling Manal, Nelly: like the rapper not the Furtado.
(derived from her nickname: Manal-y)

Nelly & I visited Goodwill.
We came in with hope of finding some outdoor furniture,
and left with our pockets as full (or empty) as when we came in.

Then we played with light....

Hey, P.S. by the way, tomorrow marks the end of this blog...
will you be following me to my new place of bloggage??

Day 728. September 11. Nana turns 75!

Yesterday was Nana's 75th birthday!!
So tonight, the family came together to eat Stonefire bread sticks, pig out on cake (without ice cream) and of course it wouldn't be a Walther gathering without ending the night with a little politics chit chat.

(By the way, this marked our first family function sans Grandma Grandma)


Day 727. September 10.

My day consisted of:
sleeping in.
head start on homework.
more Bones.
a little bit more Bones.
and work.
good day.


Day 726. September 09. Our Bikes.

This would be Matt's happy, cheery bike 
alongside my sad, pathetic bike.

I'm starting a "donate to finish Meghan's bike fund"
about 100 more dollars and mine should hopefully look like his....

Day 725. September 08. Oops.

I'm currently working on a silver shade polaroid series.

This polaroid will definitely not be part of it, but it's the only picture I took today so it's what you're stuck with for September 8th.


Day 724. September 07. Projects.

I'm realizing that I'm just like my dad in the way that 
I love having projects, projects, projects.

Today's project involved painting ugly gold frames for my frame wall.....
as well as procrastinating homework....I realized I'm not as excited to study as I thought I was yesterday.
Manal isn't either.
So we painted...but then the paint didn't work,
so we spray painted.

Day 723. September 06. Excitement.

I have shelves!
And stuff on the shelves...
And a lamp on my desk...
and organization on my desk!

I've never been more excited to study...

P.S. 730 Days comes to a sweet end in exactly a week .... I'm working, working, working on getting my new blog prepared! Stay tuned!

Day 722. September 05. Hollywood Adventuring.

We started our adventure at Intelligentsia Silver lake.
Their house chai = fantastic win.

Then we went to church at Reality LA
(another huge win that I know I've talked about, but I am just so, so excited about it).

We shopped for spices and tea, but mostly tea.
Orange black tea = yet another delicious win.

Melrose Sunday Flea Market was a must.
Carly bought a ton of really awesome jewelry,
and I bought myself a new old nightstand (circa 1910!)

But then we had to take turns carrying it to our car.

And my old lady shoes broke in the process...

Finally, almost to the car and we stumble upon this deli/restaurant/place
and ate the most AMAZING sweet potato fries & root beer floats.

The End of adventure day.
We're pooped (& full).

Day 721. September 04. Visits from Carly.

Carly came down for a sleepover and pizza party!
Tonight we planned on catching up,
tomorrow we plan on adventuring!


Day 720. September 03. Brandon.

Brandon is one of my oldest friends.

It's been almost a year since our schedules meshed,

so tonight we met for Islands to catch up over burgers and tacos on the year past.

Day 719. September 02. TeaTime.

My new tea press is not only fun to watch, but brews delicious tea.
 I'm convinced it's because the leaves physically steep in the water...
I may be making that up, but either way, this purchase was a win!

Day 718. September 01. [Potted] Garden.

Manal & my garden is well on it's way! 
Basil, tomatoes, (maybe) eggplant 
& I think the patio garden will be complete.


Day 717. August 31. Edibles.

Matt's mom surprised me with mint & chive plants today!!
The porch garden has officially begun!


Day 716. August 30. Burial.

(Landon attempted to scoop a shovel full of soil onto the casket but missed by a few inches, and decided to scrape the rest in)

Grandma Grandma & Grandpa Grandpa right beside each other

The grandkids

The great-grandkids

Day 715. August 29. In Memoriam.

It was a celebration of Grandma Grandma's life today.
Her life was one to admire and aspire to be like
& prior to today, I was unaware just how wonderful
of a woman she really was.

All the girls named after Susanna Christina Winkler:
Danielle Suzanne
Meghan Susanne
Austen Susanne
Evelyn Susan
Logan Christine
Susan Carol
Karen Christine


Day 714. August 28. RIP Grandma Grandma.

My Great Grandma "Grandma Grandma" passed away this week,
so tonight my whole family came together for an evening of dinner and memories.

I wasn't expecting to see everyone here,
so it was a really special surprise for the entire family
to be together again after so many years & circumstances.

Tomorrow is the service & memorial and Monday is the burial.
RIP Grandma Grandma,
please say hi to Mr. Bill Ross for me.

Grandma Grandma in the '20s.

Grandma Grandma & Grandpa Grandpa

Grandpa Grandpa died when I was 1.
I was the first great grandchild
who he nicknamed "Cookie"

All the great grandkids (at the time)

My favorite & most accurate picture of Grandma Grandma.
She forgot who all of us were years ago, but she never forgot her crochet stitches.

Day 713. August 27. Film.

Today was my second day back at MHS with a whole new group of Photo 1 students.
Having a darkroom to work in again inspired me to take out the old Canon TX.
I'm really excited to get shooting again.