Day 625. May 31. Put your computer under there until after dinner.

We said goodbye to Kate :(

& spent the rest of the day with the family having
a splish, splash Memorial Day at the "P-O-W-L"

(When asked what to title today's post, Papa responded with "Put your computer under there until after dinner")

Doesn't he realize how important blog updating is ???

Then we climbed more fake rocks...
and Austen kicked all of our butts.
She's a 8-year-old monkey.


Day 624. May 30. Graduation Day.

The morning began with a tie-tying lesson (to be taken very seriously apparently):

and a little relaxation:

Then we headed to CPA to reserve 14 seats:

Nana & Papa (accidentally) left their luggage (containing their clothes for the ceremony) in the car before hopping on the plane yesterday..... so as soon as the stores opened today, they were at Ross searching the aisles for graduation clothes (before needing to be at CPA by 2:30....)

Here comes the Grad!

Woooo!!! He did it!
My brother is officially in college.

It was pouring as soon as the ceremony finished, so after the family photos we made a mad dash for the car (& celebrated with a photo when we made it there only half drenched.)

Happy Graduation, Hunter!
Post-ceremony celebrations!

Landon poses with Kate's display of Hunter's grad gifts:
(so much orange!)


Day 623. May 29. Belay on!

Our calloused hands & sore pronator muscles
(thanks, kinesiology major, Katelyn for our anatomy lesson)
proved that we spent our day climbing rocks ... or rather fake rocks.

I really enjoyed this form of exercise
(and that's rare for me)

oh, and Kate & I are now, officially certified belayers!
It's pretty convenient to have a little brother on staff!


Day 622. May 28. Loveless fun.

My dad took Kate & I
to breakfast where our inner
7-year-olds came out:

Then we grew up again and watched the summer rain storm on the porch....

Day 621. May 27. Day 1.

Our first day in Nashy consisted of seeing this:
(loved it)

and spending too much money here:
(Urban Outfitters of course)

Day 620. May 26. LA to TN.

Today's the day!

Kate & I sat near a computer charging outlet with our magazines in tow
as we waited to board our 12:50 flight to Nashville.

Hunter graduates on Sunday so the entire family
will be trickling in during the next few days.

I am way too excited !!

(It's 84 degrees and raining currently....)