Day 683. July 28. Marbles, Bikes, Barbies & Foxes.

The sun stayed hidden this morning,
so we found new adventures outside of the pool.

Bikes & barbies were Charley's choices,
while marbles & Fantastic Mr. Fox were Ronan's.
(That movie is officially one of my new favorites)

Day 682. July 27. "Craft Tuesday with Kacie...."

Turned into a "Ditch-crafts-see-Eclipse-and-eat-Pinkberry" Tuesday.

Day 681. July 26. Nikkor 35mm f/1.8

I splurged today (!!!)
and I used Nancy's garden to play
after I bought this cute little guy.

(This is what happens to an artichoke if you don't

eat it

cut it off the stem)

Day 680. July 25. Reality.

Today = our third week of going to Reality LA church & we're really loving it....

Sadly, not everyone is as happy as I am...


Day 679. July 24. Tom.

After spending a month in the states, Thomas goes back to France in a couple days...
Matt and I (ok, mostly just Matt) ate crocodile with him tonight.


Day 678. July 23. Help us see our husbands.

This is Kate & George (two of the cuties I regularly babysit).
When I found out they were having a lemonade sale today,
I naturally had to go & support my fellow lemonade salesmen....

(Final) Lemonade Sale #3 on Mountain St.
Rose Parade -- 2007


Day 677. July 22. Goodwill.

This is Katelyn making fun of my newest Goodwill purchases.... an old lady sundress with a jean jacket to hide the shoulder pads.

Day 676. July 21. Kid-Sitting.

Hunter joined me babysitting today!
Ronan was happier than ever to have a boy to play Star Wars with,
& Charley enjoyed having a boy to swoon over....

Bubbles, swimming, Star Wars, and a little Nintendo DS/Leapfrog
all make for a fun morning in the sun.

Day 675. July 20. Ikea.

Hunter & I went to Ikea yesterday
so today he helped me hang stuff from my ceiling
and nail letters to my door.

My brother rules
& I never want him to go home.

Day 674. July 19. (My first time at) Bob's Big Boy.

.....yes, I've lived in LA my entire life and have never been to Bob's Big Boy until tonight.


Day 673. July 18. Reality LA.

There's this little church in Hollywood called Reality.
My friends & I have been trying it out the last couple of weeks (& so far, we're really enjoying it),

so after today's service, Matt & Kyle & I ventured into Silverlake
where we happened upon Intelligencia, a rad little coffee and tea shop.

We took photos with my iphone because, well, I failed to have any other kind of camera on hand & while the boys sipped espresso (yuck), I enjoyed an ice tea that tasted a bit like kool-aid.

Day 672. July 17. El Monte cache.

More geo-caching adventures with the boyfriend today.


Day 671. July 16. Two Little Swimmers.

Babysitting pool fun with Charley & Ronan!

Day 670. July 15. Pool Day.

I've recently become a big fan
of water aerobics.

Day 669. July 14. "Craft Tuesday with Kacie" on Wednesday.

What do fabric squares, newspaper clippings, poorly cut glass & carefully measured elastic have in common?

This week's craft Tuesday Wednesday!


Day 668. July 13. Frames.

Makin some picture frames for tomorrow's "Craft Tuesday with Kacie" (on Wednesday).

Day 667. July 12. Babysitter Matt.


Day 666. July 11. Cousins Reunion.

An afternoon family reunion with Danielle & Nick.
All the cousins together again (well, except Hunter).

It's also my Dad's birthday today!
Happy 50th Daddy!

Day 665. July 10. Ice Princess.

The only ice cream truck that makes
me want to be 7-years-old again.


Day 664. July 09. Julienne.

I really love my new job.
(& I'm even more thankful to have it)

Day 663. July 08. "M" for Meghan, "N" for Nana.

I haven't seen these 3 adorable faces in such a long time,
so it was a wonderful treat to get to spend taco night with them!

They surprised me with a belated birthday gift -- this adorable "M" for my new apartment
(to match the ones they all have in their rooms).

These three have called me "Nana" since they were old enough to talk,
so when they were picking out a letter, they couldn't decide on "M" or "N".
They chose "M" to make the explanations easier for me :)

Day 662. July 07. Twirling Charley.

Day 661. July 06. "Crafty Tuesday" (& Gun/Samurai Sword Cleaning) with Kacie.