Day 716. August 30. Burial.

(Landon attempted to scoop a shovel full of soil onto the casket but missed by a few inches, and decided to scrape the rest in)

Grandma Grandma & Grandpa Grandpa right beside each other

The grandkids

The great-grandkids

Day 715. August 29. In Memoriam.

It was a celebration of Grandma Grandma's life today.
Her life was one to admire and aspire to be like
& prior to today, I was unaware just how wonderful
of a woman she really was.

All the girls named after Susanna Christina Winkler:
Danielle Suzanne
Meghan Susanne
Austen Susanne
Evelyn Susan
Logan Christine
Susan Carol
Karen Christine


Day 714. August 28. RIP Grandma Grandma.

My Great Grandma "Grandma Grandma" passed away this week,
so tonight my whole family came together for an evening of dinner and memories.

I wasn't expecting to see everyone here,
so it was a really special surprise for the entire family
to be together again after so many years & circumstances.

Tomorrow is the service & memorial and Monday is the burial.
RIP Grandma Grandma,
please say hi to Mr. Bill Ross for me.

Grandma Grandma in the '20s.

Grandma Grandma & Grandpa Grandpa

Grandpa Grandpa died when I was 1.
I was the first great grandchild
who he nicknamed "Cookie"

All the great grandkids (at the time)

My favorite & most accurate picture of Grandma Grandma.
She forgot who all of us were years ago, but she never forgot her crochet stitches.

Day 713. August 27. Film.

Today was my second day back at MHS with a whole new group of Photo 1 students.
Having a darkroom to work in again inspired me to take out the old Canon TX.
I'm really excited to get shooting again.


Day 712. August 26. Special Xray Club.

Xray is officially 3-years-old.
To celebrate, Carly sent me this sticker.
I don't know what a "special Xray club" is,
but he seems to like it & I think it's perfect.

Day 711. August 25. Pizza party.

Tonight, Britt came over to catch up about our summers
so I thought, why not turn it into a dinner party?

I decided on homemade pizza!
Thanks to Trader Joe's ready to bake pizza dough,
I made us Giada's tomato mozzarella pizza.
Giada never disapoints.

Day 710. August 24. Tomato-Watermelon Salad.

"I will eat healthy."

That's my phrase of the semester....
So, I bought this salad cookbook,
& tonight I "cooked" my first recipe :
tomato-watermelon salad.

It's so odd that it's delicious,
I was pleasantly surprised.

Day 709. August 23. Messy.

School started today.
I'm not mentally ready.
My room looks like this,
& I really want to get organized.

Day 708. August 22. Move.

I'm all moved back into my apartment

& my red dresser is officially primed

and ready to be painted green!

Day 707. August 21. Goodbye & Hello.

We said goodbye to Matt & Kate as they headed back to San Fran
& then I said hello to Lenny as she visited LA for the weekend!

(Kate said "goodbye & don't die" to Captain)

Day 706. August 20. Matt Q turns 21!


Day 705. August 19. The bet.

I lost a bet.
This bet entailed going to yoga 20 times before June 16...
I thought I could do it, but I in fact only made it to 12 classes before my deadline.
So, tonight I paid my dues to Padre Miguel by making him and the family dinner.

I (thankfully) had Matt to help, otherwise the 3 courses would never have been completed...
We made prosciutto wrapped scallops with a tomato based reduction, asparagus and shrimp cilantro salad & lemon souffle for dessert.
Now considering I rarely never cook : I was kinda proud of this little dinner...

And, Padre Miguel and I couldn't finish dinner without placing a new bet on the table...
Looks like I won't be dying my hair until December 31.
This one might be harder than 20 yoga classes.


Day 704. August 18. Suite-mates.

Padre Miguel's sister, Jan & nephew Conor are here this week from Washington.

Jan was my suite-mate all week & she's definitely my favorite suite-mate ever
(sorry what's your names from SPU 3 years ago).

Conor & Garrison love each other.

If you think Kate & I are strange...
(which we definitely are not)

Then you would find Garr & Conor
to be VERY weird
(yet extremely entertaining)

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