Day 590. April 26. Progress!

Day 589. April 25.

Video games with the boyfriend during study breaks.
He's loving this.

Day 588. April 24. Bike!

Major progress on the new bike!
(in the form of sanding down the rust & paint)
I can't wait to paint it!

Day 587. April 23. Villagers.

Some new residents have taken over our upstairs neighbor's AC unit....

Also, as of today, the roommates & I officially have new residence for next year
(or rather, next month)
We finalized an upstairs 3 bedroom in our same complex!

Day 586. April 22. I Live in a Forest.

like a


Day 585. April 21. Rain (and bangs).

Today it rained.
And this wonderfully dreary day put me in a bit of an adventurous mood,

so I went ahead and got bangs.
(still not 100% sure if it's my look, but for now, it's a fun change)


Day 584. April 20. Scallops.

Matt made a surprise, post-classes visit tonight!

We got out my Trader Joe's cookbook (that Kate got me for my birthday last year) & picked a couple delicious recipes to cook.....

We made prosciutto wrapped scallops with a tomato garlic reduction on top, paired with a pineapple sauteed shrimp over a bed of cilantro arugula and mixed greens....

delicious right?


Day 582. April 18. Mustache Matt.

We found another one today on the top of a parking structure in Old Town....

Day 581. April 17. Geocaching.

Today Matt & I went on a treasure hunt.

We searched high and low...

and then I found it!

Our treasure hunt is called geocaching and it's either the lamest or coolest thing ever (depending on your outlook).

You use a GPS (on your phone, in our case) and search for a little box called a cache.
There's not really anything special about the cache itself, the adventure you take in finding it is where the excitement is.

**This one was magnetized beneath this handrail.

Day 580. April 16. Last One.

Here's the last shot I got with my old clunker before I passed on the keys to the new owner last week.

He intends on taking my little car apart, using the good parts and ditching the broken parts (aka the broken carburetor, radiator, front lights, brakes).


Day 579. April 15. Life.

I'm obsessed with Discovery's new series, Life.

Tonight, Oprah taught us about birds.

If you haven't seen this show go here, or watch it Sunday nights.
I promise it will make you smile.

Day 578. April 14. Wednesday.

Day 577. April 13. Valley Sunset.

You can't see it, but the sun is setting.

Carly & I went to watch.

Day 576. April 12. Look, Mom...

I have a clean room and a made bed.
You should be so proud.


Day 575. April 11. #12.

I decided today that little kid baseball is a lot more entertaining than grown up baseball.

How cute is Landon in his uniform???


Day 574. April 10. RIP Macky.

This is my 1988 Honda Accord
(nicknamed Macky)

I got this car 5 years ago & it's been everywhere between San Diego & Seattle with me.

I thought I would have at least another year with this trusty old car, but when the radiator decided to die this week, it just didn't make economic sense to fix it...

So, today was the day I said my goodbyes, as I traded Macky in for a newer, more reliable, Honda Accord.

Some awesome perks of my new (used) car:
*Air conditioning (!!!)
*reliable breaks
*cup holders
*working radiator
*cd player
*empty trunk

Getting a new car meant cleaning out the trunk of my old car...
I didn't realize how much junk I really had in there....
(it was basically my payment free storage unit -- and yes, that huge box WAS actually in my trunk all this time)

The new car is definitely reliable, but not quite as quirky and unique as my old one:

These ghetto rims were my favorite
(even though they were absolutely hideous)....

The broken light that should have been fixed months ago,
but added character none the less.

The pop up headlights that were definitely the coolest thing about my car:

The dorky stickers from Seattle that remind me of my long lost year there.

The ink splatter from when I left a permanent marker on the dash in the heat of summer.
(I never really cared for this but it was still a part of the car I just had to document)

The yellow Last Place Trophy sticker that looks like Matt
& the broken horn that just decided to fall out one night as we were driving, causing a 2 block long constant beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

A last minute self portrait.

Goodbye Macky,
Hello, new (no name...yet) Honda.

I miss my dorky car and the memories that clunker holds,
but I am enjoying the luxury of finally having AC.