Day 561. March 28. Stick Stickley.

Today I conquered the beast of driving Matt's car, Stick Stickley.


Day 560. March 27. Bamboozled.

If anyone knows me & my love for Envy on the Coast, you'll know how freakin awesome this blog post is for me.... Matt & my day was spent at Angel Stadium mostly just because I wanted to see Ryan Hunter (I have the best boyfriend in the world by the way).

When I lived in Seattle, Kate, Anja & I stumbled upon Envy on the Coast & they've been one of my favorite bands ever since. I haven't been able to see them since that night at Chop Suey, until I found out they would be playing at the Bamboozle concert today....

Matt & I bought tickets (luckily some bands he actually liked were playing too) & we spent our day in the sun taking in awesome set after awesome set.

Envy/Ryan was A M A Z I N G .....
(well worth the 2 year wait)

I wish Anja had been there to obsess over Ryan with me
(did I mention how amazing my boyfriend is for putting up with me?)
and I REALLY wish she had been there to take this with me:
(too bad they both look like the worst human beings ever in this photo)

Say Anything
Pierce the Veil
Jonny Craig
Circa Survive
were some of our other favorites from the day.

Anthony Green was a stage master & Matt's favorite part of the day:

AND, we got to meet Mitchell Davis & Kyle Sibert.....
It was quite the great day.


Day 559. March 26. Caricatures.

Matt's mom decided to spend her lunch hour sketching.
And after 3 years, I have finally made it to the shop caricature wall!

I'm still amazed that it took Nan 5 minutes to do this & she got every inch of me perfect -- from the bump on my nose to the way my hair falls (& she even made my bad side look good).

Day 558. March 25. Whatever You Do...

Day 557. March 24. Help.

Notecards are my one and only study tool.
It was a long day with these by my side.


Day 556. March 23. Austen + Landon.

I haven't seen my cousins in years,
so I stopped by for some baseball practice, dinner & a movie.
These kids are growing up quite fast.

Day 555. March 22. LA ZOO

Today we went field trippin to the LA zoo with our photo students.

Most of the animals looked miserable and/or dead:

We ate the biggest snow cones everrrrrr:

My group took the best photos:

And these were my favorites:

(I love that they look like they're waiting in line for something)

(I decided today that Flamingos are the most interesting looking animal ever created.
The way they stand on one leg and rest with their legs bent the wrong way wins me over)


Day 554. March 21. Mrs. Bennett's Photobooth.

Mary Ann Bennett has been working at Pasadena Christian School since before I started kindergarten there. After many years making PCS what it is today, Mrs. Bennett is retiring. A retirement celebration was planned in her honor, so Matt & I offered our photobooth for the party. We had a great time shooting PCS staff/families with props that symbolize different milestones over Mrs. Bennett's PCS career.

(click our logo to see all the photos on our website)

Day 553. March 20. Big Day.

This morning:

I joined my old roommate, Jamie at the Heritage Square Victorian fashion show that she models in every year.

We decided to exchange homemade birthday gifts & we both ended up making each other purple candles! Leave it to us to do that :)
Miss you, Jamie!


Kate & I joined our bestie, Becca for her 21st birthday at the new bowling alley in Pasadena.
Our other bestie from elementary/JrHigh, Camille was there too, which made for a reunion with 4 / 7 of our childhood friends.

And, what's a party without playing the "dance like the person on the screen" game.....
(look above our heads at the bowling screen....)