Day 379 // September 27 // Scary Cousins.


with my

7 & 5-year-old

cousins are my



Day 378 // September 26 // TRIPS.

Day 377 // September 25 // Celebrations.

We cooked a feast tonight.
(the biggest one yet)

With new friends around the table & delicious pork chops with spiced apples & raisins (and asparagus & mashed potatoes) on our plates, we celebrated a new year with new friends & new beginnings.


Day 376 // September 24 // 1:16 AM

Our backyard.

Day 375 // September 23 // Tour Guides.

I met Katie for sushi back home.

Then met Manal & her cousin, Tarrek in Old Town to give them a little tour of my town.
He's visiting from Lebanon for this week and Manal has been Miss Tour Guide showing him all of LA.


Day 374 // September 22 // New Traditions.

Danielle was having a bad day.

So while she snuggled with William,

my old friend & I cooked up a delicious shrimp pasta dinner.

It was better than the tacos.


Day 373 // September 21 // Tid Bit.

I couldn't focus in the apartment,
so I headed to my favorite study spot
(libraries scare me)

Peculiar thought occurred to me while I was there...
Why is it that every time I go to use a public restroom & the door is locked,
I immediately think the door might be broken, rather than thinking someone is occupying it.


Day 372 // September 20 // Spoiled.

Sunday blueberry pancake breakfast with the boyfriend.
He made them nice and gooey, just how I like them.

Day 371 // September 19 // Regaining My Sanity.

Today is Saturday.
Saturdays = babysitting the trips,
but Mondays babysitting the trips
because I stood up for myself today.
(very politely/civilly/no face punching)

Oh, and my family got to meet the girls via webcam.
It was fun until all 3 got angry

& my parents got to see why I should get paid more than $8/hr.


Day 370 // September 18 // Bring Your Girlfriend to Work Day.

I joined Matt at work today.

He had frames to join

& I had future tests to study for.

So instead of not seeing each other

because of work/school commitments,

we spent the whole day together

being productive!


Day 369 // September 17 // Just Great.

We all have that person in our classes who raises their hand about everything, sucks up to the prof as much as humanly possible & just really annoys the crap out of everyone in the classroom.

Today I sat down in my Speech Science class ready to get back the test that we took last Thursday.
This test was a pretty big deal.

She called my name & I stood up to get my test.

I looked inside and saw a 97%.
"Whoa, really??? Wow I guess all that studying did pay off!"

I looked further inside, at the handwriting that was supposed to be mine,
and it wasn't.


Just then, the girl [ironically enough] sitting right next to me,
raises her hand & with an unnecessary attitude announces to the class,
"Um, this isn't my test!"


If this isn't my test & that isn't her test
& she's got such an attitude,
there's no way I got a good grade on this thing.

We exchange tests [in front of the class].
Her face turns to expected excitement as she looks inside and sees a glorious 97 written on her test booklet.


As I sit down [next to her] and see her [and her friends] laughing, glancing my way & snickering some more,
I look inside.



yep. that's just great.

I was on the verge of
1. tears
2. punching her in the face

So, back to the books for me tonight.
(as if I didn't study hard enough last time)

I'm determined to get a better grade than miss smartypants next test.
oh, and yeah, she just so happened to be THAT PERSON in my class.

It was just great.


Day 368 // September 16 // The Dog is Always Barkin at the Mailman.


I made some for our apartment today.
Our living room officially smells like oranges.


Lunch turned into dinner with an old friend this afternoon.
We caught up about months missed & lives that have changed.
Then we made homemade tacos with Danielle.

Day 367 // September 15 // Roomies & the Apartment...Finally.

These are my roommates again (minus Carly who has been gone all day).
The 3 of us spent our afternoon in class,
and our evening on the couch/recliner, doing homework, listening to Christina Aguilara (not sure why exactly) & overall, entertaining each other since we have yet to get cable.

And I figured since I was here, I'd show you around our apartment.
My best friend, Kate & my Mom have been bugging me to send them pics,
so I've decided to let everyone take a peak at our new home.

Manal & Meghan's Room:
(hence the massive "M" on the wall)

Our Living Room:
(with Carly enjoying the recliner)

More Living Room / Desk Area:
(Manal hard at work)

Eating Area/Organized Living:

M & M's Bathroom:

(We think it's cool to give our guests a geography lesson as they tinkle)

& our kitchen is dirty so you don't get to see today.


Day 366 // September 14 // It's a Work Day.

My day was spent working.
Luckily for me it was a work day divided between 3 jobs.


My morning was spent blindfolding my high school students.
I guess since this is a new blog I should explain a little.

I work as the assistant photography teacher at a high school
& today we started the beginning stages of teaching the kids how to role & develop their own film. Since the rolling process takes place in complete darkness, we had to find out who was ready to tackle that step....the best way we could think of: to blindfold everyone and have a race. I love my job.


My afternoon was spent keeping track of not 1, not 2, but 3 babies.
Yes, triplets.
All girls & all adorable & you will see them more on this blog, as my Saturdays & Mondays are usually occupied by them.


Late night, homework/Starbucks date with 2 out of the 3 roomies.

Ironically, it was somewhat of an unfortunate day for all 3 of us.
One of those days where everything seems to go wrong.

I love my jobs (& I'm super thankful that I even have work right now), but those little annoyances like dumping a pitcher full of baby formula/milk all over myself & slicing my finger open while demonstrating how to SAFELY open a roll of film, all make the day go that much longer.

So this picture describes, pretty perfectly, what kind of mindset we were all in by 10:00 tonight when we attempted to start our homework.

ps. Manal would like you to know that if you'd like to see her side of the story of our lives go to her blog. It's pretty great. Go look.


Welcome [Back].


For those of you who followed me during my 365 Days in Photographs, WELCOME BACK!!
I'm glad you have found me safely & soundly at my new place of blog residence.

For those of you who are new, this is the run down:

This is round 2 of blogging for me.
My first go at it is documented here.

This blog will capture 1 thing I do, everyday, with a photograph or 2,
for 730 Days.
This 730 days includes the previous 365 that I documented last year.

I will take 1 photo everyday [sometimes more] and share them with you,
BUT you must not judge me when my life is lacking the "ultra fun" factor.
My life is pretty non-exciting.
(which is why I'm forever boggled by the fact that I had so many followers last year).

The reason these blogs came into existence in the first place
is because my family & friends live all over the country
& I wanted to find a way to keep them updated.

I hope you enjoy what my next 365 days have in store.
& I hope it lives up to last year.

See you tomorrow...