Day 504. January 30. Study, study, study (& it's only the SECOND week of school)

I meant for "A Week in Film" to be a 7 day project, but when I finished the roles sooner than I expected I figured 5 days of film was just as fine. I'm really happy with the way the photos turned out this week -- I didn't edit any of them: they're all straight off the role!

Today, I had the apartment to myself so I utilized the quiet space for studying.
(and I was successfully REALLY productive)

My class load is super heavy this semester (which I'm thankful for because now I may actually be on track).
But, it also means I'm probably going to have to start getting comfortable with libraries because I'm going to be studying A LOT (odd Meghan fact: I hate libraries a lot).

Day 503. January 29. A Week in Film: Friday.

Matty drove to the Valley to visit me today!
It was a great day getting to spend time with him & my Roomies in MY city!

Day 502. January 28. A Week in Film: Thursday.

The rain is all gone.
It was a beautiful day in LA.

I had a full day of classes.
(Tuesdays & Thursdays never end)

Thankfully, I had a few hours to regain my sanity between Speech & Language Development & Hearing Science.

I spent a portion of that time sifting through Trader Joe's flower selection, picking out some colorful additions for our apartment.

Day 501. January 27. A Week in Film: Wednesday.

I spent the day with Matthew...

While he finished up work, I people-watched (& attempted homework) in Starbucks; taking a few photos of some of the random coffee drinkers coming & going...

Then we went to sushi
(I LOVE this photo of him)

Oh and this is Matt & his Trooper...
(Trooper & I have a love/hate relationship)


Day 500. January 26. A Week in Film: Tuesday.

Today it RAINED !!

Tonight, the Roomies & I PLAYED.

(I even hung some new frames on the wall)

I finally developed the film after a week of taking photos.

This week of shooting film was sort of unproductive, given the fact that it put me behind a week in blogging.

It's ok, I had fun carrying around much lighter cameras & shooting black & white film in my SLR
99 cent store
color film in my favorite (working) vintage camera that Matt gave me a few years ago.


Day 499. January 25. A Week in Film : Monday

I've decided to take a digital break this week.
Instead, I will be shooting film
(via them ---->)

When I dug my Canon out from under my bed this morning, I was surprised to find a role already in my camera. I finished up the last few shots & had them developed for today:
(postings will be delayed this week since I will develop & post them as I finish each role)

It was my first day back at work with my Photo 1 group....
My morning began with my favorite morning commute in my trusty old Honda :
(emphasis on the old)

and followed in adjusting apertures, assigning contrast filters & mixing chemistry with my favorite group of high schoolers.


Day 498. January 24. GoodByes.

Time for Mom to return to TN.
See you the end of February !

Day 497. January 23. Nana's Vitamin Oven.

When Logan turned the oven on to heat up our lunch,
we quickly discovered Nana's secret hiding place as she
ran across the room yelling at us to turn it off.

Little did we know, we were about to bake her next month's worth of pills.
hahahh what a peculiar hiding place, Nana.

Day 496. January 22. Pomegranate Jelly.

The weather was back to normal for us Los Angelenos, as my aunt/cousins & I joined my mom & grandparents for the weekend.
(My grandparent's lack of internet/computer is what put my blogging on a short hiatus)

Tonight, we celebrated our Papa's birthday with (homemade) cake, posters & M*A*S*H.

I'll miss ya Conan.


Day 495. January 21. Rainboots.

Today I am thankful for rainboots.
(notice how deep my feet are in the puddle)

This week of rain has been my favorite.


Day 494. January 20. L A X.

Nana, Papa, Logan, Landon & I spent our evening at LAX waiting for my mom who decided earlier this week to come visit LA for a few days. My great-grandma has recently been hospitalized so that prompted her last minute vacation.

The 5 of us overestimated the LA traffic & ended up waiting for her at LAX baggage claim for an hour 1/2.

We spent the time "people watching" all of the airport reunions & taking silly photos with strangers.


Day 493. January 19. Marriage & Family Relations.

This is what time I got home from classes tonight:

Luckily, Carly & I share our 3 hour, Marriage & Family Relations class.
(& we actually really enjoy it)

Besides having the perk of knowing someone to sit next to on the first day of class, it was nice having a dinner buddy when we finally got home at 10PM.


Day 492. January 18. Villagers [Workout] Reunion.

Second semester starts tomorrow (boooooo),
so all the roomies are finally reunited from our month long vacation.

We celebrated our reunion by taking a trip to our apartment gym & did a little workout.
I ran a whole 10 minutes on the treadmill.


Day 491. January 17. Yoga Obsessed.

I hate exercising.
(most anyone who knows me, is fully aware of this)

BUT, low and behold, I have found a way of exercising that does not involve treadmills, ellipticals, or running of any kind & I love it: YOGA.


Kate & I have been running all over LA this past week testing out all of the different Yoga studios in the area (including The Bar Method even though it's not really yoga).

Most places offer a free first session & what's not to love about that??

Yoga House : studio #5 on our try-out list this week.

Day 490. January 16. Concert.

To the Moon & Back
Upland, CA

Day 489. January 15. Great Harvest Bread Company.

When Kate & I lived in Seattle, one of our favorite lunches was Great Harvest Bread Company.

Today was opening day for the very first chain in Los Angeles so we went, sampled their delicious homemade bread, ate wayyyyy too much & reminisced about our Washington days.

Day 488. January 14. Haircut Date.

Haircut date with the boyfriend this afternoon.

He finally got the [fashion] mullet he always wanted.....


Day 487. January 13. Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus

Dinner at Kendall's Brasserie was DELICIOUS!
Mary Poppins
on broadway is freakin FANTASTIC.
Thanks Mom & Mama B!!

Day 486. January 12. When a huge billboard is blocking your business....

take advantage of it!


Day 485. January 11. Yoga. Dots. &. Southern Biscuits.

Today, Kate & I went to our first yoga class! When we finished, we felt so good about our recent increased heart rate activity that we treated ourselves to Dots cupcakes with a gift card from my mom...

(so much for the yoga)

Then we went home & decided to bake the biscuits from The Loveless Cafe (see blog post: Day 479. January 5. Loveless) that my mom sent the Bbachers for Christmas.


Thanks for all our meals today, Mom!
[Now, we'll be doing yoga again tomorrow (& not treating ourselves to cupcakes & biscuits afterward)]

Day 484. January 10. Dashing Divas.

My cousin, Lenny came to LA for a few days & today, joined Kate & I in Pasadena for a few hours of pampering at Dashing Diva.

Day 483. January 9. Happy 3 Years, Bestest.

Today was Katelyn & (her) Matt's three year anniversary!

She spent the day roaming around the mall with her mom &
I and went out to dinner with (her) Matt in the evening.

We ended the night with a sleepover at (her) Matt's house.
And we watched Extract, much to THEIR dismay.

Day 482. January 8. Austen Turns Eight.

Austen's eighth birthday was a few days ago. My Aunt was nice enough to post-pone her party until I got home from Nashy so tonight, Matt & I drove up to share in the big day with my family. Austen is getting too big. Landon too.