Day 714. August 28. RIP Grandma Grandma.

My Great Grandma "Grandma Grandma" passed away this week,
so tonight my whole family came together for an evening of dinner and memories.

I wasn't expecting to see everyone here,
so it was a really special surprise for the entire family
to be together again after so many years & circumstances.

Tomorrow is the service & memorial and Monday is the burial.
RIP Grandma Grandma,
please say hi to Mr. Bill Ross for me.

Grandma Grandma in the '20s.

Grandma Grandma & Grandpa Grandpa

Grandpa Grandpa died when I was 1.
I was the first great grandchild
who he nicknamed "Cookie"

All the great grandkids (at the time)

My favorite & most accurate picture of Grandma Grandma.
She forgot who all of us were years ago, but she never forgot her crochet stitches.

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Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

I love you Grandma.... Give Grandpa a BIG hug and kiss for me in Heaven and tell him we are sorry for all those years of handing the phone off to someone else in the house when it was him :) When we were teens, Grandpa would call numerous times a day just because he had nothing else to do!!!

I will miss my Grandma. She was one like NO other.