Day 722. September 05. Hollywood Adventuring.

We started our adventure at Intelligentsia Silver lake.
Their house chai = fantastic win.

Then we went to church at Reality LA
(another huge win that I know I've talked about, but I am just so, so excited about it).

We shopped for spices and tea, but mostly tea.
Orange black tea = yet another delicious win.

Melrose Sunday Flea Market was a must.
Carly bought a ton of really awesome jewelry,
and I bought myself a new old nightstand (circa 1910!)

But then we had to take turns carrying it to our car.

And my old lady shoes broke in the process...

Finally, almost to the car and we stumble upon this deli/restaurant/place
and ate the most AMAZING sweet potato fries & root beer floats.

The End of adventure day.
We're pooped (& full).


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

What a fun day!!! You WILL have to take me to that flea market sometime. Check out the Santa Monica flea market next time. I heard it was another great one.

Hunter said...

i feel inspired ;)

kate said...

you are just the cutest thing ever. I'm showing you off to my friends at usf

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