Day 730. September 13. Farewell. See you soon?

(instead of a picture, I designed this for the day)

Today marks the end of 730 continuous days of photographing....

It's been fun, exhausting, inspiring, uninspiring, motivating, un-motivating,
randomexciting getting to document my last 730 days in picture form.

Thanks to my friends & strangers who've been
keeping up with my random assortment of daily blogs...

The daily updates are no more, but
don't worry, Mom, I may no longer be taking a photo every single day,
but I'll still be photographing (frequently) here:

Seriously, thanks for viewing and supporting these last 2 years  
Please follow me to my new blog!!


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

So long to 730 Days..... I will miss waking up each day to your post waiting for us, but look forward to the new creativity that is going to come out in the new blog. I can see it already!!!!!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

how am I going to talk to susie sundress?

itsamuktha said...

Hi Megan..I really loved your blog..!! are you blogging lately?